Posts From September, 2019

Addition to Update of 9/19/19 

OPT email reminders + other sources of advice
Thursday, September 19, 2019 12:21:00 PM
4. OPT email - If you have been using our earlier advice for route complaints, this is to remind you of some changes: Borough directors Frank Jackson & James Campbell retired; Uri Fraenkel <> is now the... read more

Oct 5 Bronx workshop & other School Bus News 

Thursday, September 19, 2019 8:36:00 AM
Contents of this Update from Parents to Improve School Transportation 1. Oct 5 Bronx workshop/Talleres el 5 de oct en el Bronx 2. Sep 20 Climate strike 3. School bus news (GPS; other problems; Parent/Driver unity) 1 PIST &... read more

Sept 2019 School Bus News 

Parade, Workshop, Advice, Headlines
Posted by Sara Thursday, September 05, 2019 9:04:00 AM
School Bus News - Parade, Workshop, Advice, Headlines [La misma informacion en espanol estara al enlace] Parade Saturday Sep 7 March with us in Manhattan! PIST... read more

Noticias de la guagua escolar septiembre de 2019 

Desfile, Taller, Consejo, En la Prensa
Posted by Sara Thursday, September 05, 2019 8:58:00 AM
Sept. 2019 Noticias del Autobús Escolar - Desfile, Taller, Consejos, Titulares [La misma información en ingles estara al enlace] ¡Desfile el sábado 7 de septiembre con nosotros en Manhattan!... read more
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