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Education Activism Update

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 4:33:00 PM

Education activism

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Schools crisis in Puerto Rico: Families and educators have been struggling to get the schools re-opened since the storms.  Background info at

Comite Timon tells us that students with disabilities are losing both therapies and classes.  Although most of the families who left the island are going to Florida, there is some impact on NYC schools, which have inadequate Bilingual Special Education services to properly help newcomers.

Leaders of the Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico (FMPR) will be speaking around NYC from approx. Jan 17-20 on these issues and raising $.  You can search the internet for an event near you. We have one in the calendar below and will post others, as we get details, on and .

Education Week of Action for Black Lives Matter:  Interested local teachers and parents can find out about this February 5-9 effort in advance at