Message to Boston Parents from NYC school bus parents

Saturday, October 26, 2013 11:36:00 PM
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A Message to Boston parents    from NYC school bus parents

What happens to the drivers and monitors happens to our kids!  Please don’t give the company or the mayor an inch because they will take a mile.  Consider what happened to us:

In New York City in February, 1100 routes out of 7700 were bid out to new companies, inexperienced with our streets and K-12 children. In order to pay lower wages, they terminated some 2000 senior drivers and attendants in June.  Companies have been caught hiring people with zero experience and giving them watered-down training.  Standards have been made lower; accidents, incidents, and turnover are increasing.  

NONE OF THIS IS SAFE FOR OUR CHILDREN, especially students with disabilities who may need special attention on the bus.  The NY drivers’ union warned parents and even had a strike to try and prevent this situation. The mayor and the press told us many lies. The only way we parents get accurate information about regulations and conditions, about safety issues and more, is by asking each other and the unionized school bus workers who know their jobs.

WE DREAM OF MORE PARENT/DRIVER CONTROL over how routes are created and improved.  Boston has inspired us, because the USW 8751 contract insists on Route Review Committees and clinics to make sure trip lengths are humane and realistic.  Parents of school bus riders in NYC are organizing to defend our children’s right to educational access, with help from civil rights lawyers.  We don’t want to see the chain weakened in Boston because it will hurt the other links, like us.


Join the Team Solidarity rally on Monday Oct. 28 at 35 Freeport Way, Dorchester from 1:30-8:00 pm.  Contact Veolia (617.780.4840) + Mayor Menino (617.635.4500) to say: DON'T attack Boston School Bus Union 8751;  DO Honor the contract!     

Parents to Improve School Transportation (347) 504-3310  Facebook PIST NYC

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